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Wednesday, April 05, 2006 

Gladys is adopted by the West's.

Ella, AKA Gladys, has been with our family since Thursday, March 30th. She is doing great, knowing more about her background gives us a better understanding of how to train her. For instance, she doesn't understand the concept of waiting by the outdoor to go outside! Something we took for granted, she hasn't had an accident but she runs around the house and cries because she wants to 'go' but not in the house. Bless her little heart! She is doing great. Sleeps a lot, just started to know to drink out of the silver dog dish, slept in a child size recliner so she can be by the kids at night until she needs to kennel up! We will post photos later.

This is such good news! can't wait for the photos and updates to follow!

Whoohooo Ella! I will make sure to let your Boat Mountain pack mates, Miracle and Trooper know you are safe and home finally! Enjoy your new world little baby girl! Thank you West family! Keep us posted.

Lisa Rossman
WI German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

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