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Saturday, April 01, 2006 

Before I Forget,...

Before I get to carried away with the new thing called"Playtime", I really want to say a very sincere and heartfelt thank-you, to all of the kind people that helped to bring all of us down from that awful Mountain.
At first when all those people came to where we were living we were all really scared, it was the worst thing I had ever felt. I shook all over!

Then we were in this shelter with ALOT of other dogs, all of my family was spread all over,..
The days passed some of us were taken away,...Then It was my turn,...and on the road we went.
We got to this place where a bunch of nice people were waiting for us,.. it was bath time(?).
I was excited, I could smell some of my brothers and sisters, they must have come here too!
I miss all my family, that's all I have ever known,...
At night when I snuggle into my soft warm bed, with a full belly, and nice people all around,...
I try to send a message out to my family, wherever they are,..I tell them I miss them,and pray that they are happy just like me!